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Membership Restrictions, Limitations, and Exceptions

Immediate family members include: spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, step-parents, step-children, step-siblings, and those that are adopted. Members of immediate family do not include “Reciprocal Beneficiaries.” Also included are those living under the same roof, as a “single economic unit,” as long as one of the occupants qualifies to be a member.

Military personnel residing on Kaua’i, active or reserve, are eligible for membership as they are employees of the Federal government.

Un-remarried spouses of persons who died while within the Field of Membership, retirees of County, State and Federal government employers, and employees of this Credit Union, and their respective immediate families are eligible for membership.

Employees of private companies under government contract are not eligible for membership as they are not directly employed by the government.

Part-time, temporary, and student help employees of the County, State, and Federal government, residing on Kaua’i, are eligible for membership.

The philosophy of “Once a Member, Always a Member” applies as long as the member who closes his/her account, and wishing to re-open his/her account, has not left the Field of Membership.