This program is for the County of Kauai and KGEFCU Emergency Loan participants. Through this program, you will learn to take charge of your finances so that you can repay your loan and build a solid financial foundation for your future.

As a benefit of being a KGEFCU member, we recommend that you take advantage of the one-on-one financial planning services provided by INPAC Wealth Solutions, provided at no cost to you.

To get started, please watch the intro webinar here.

Attend the Foundations of Financial Literacy Class here.

Topics will include:

  • Meeting Immediate Financial Needs
  • Personal Budget Workshops: Budgeting, Debt Management, Investing, Retirement Planning, Risk Management
  • COVID-19 The Coronavirus Virus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) updates
  • Coping with Market Volatility
  • Updates and Doing our Best to Get Through This Financially
  • And many more

For more information on INPAC Wealth Solutions, or to schedule a one-on-one meeting, please  contact