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Aloha Members! KGEFCU is introducing a web page inspired and written by our members. "CU Review" was created because so many of you have let us know that we are meeting all of your financial needs and that the most important thing we have to offer is "Lending With Heart".

Thank you for your testimonies. We are always here for you.

Note: If you would like to submit a testimony, you can email lisa@kgefcu.org. Together, We Make It Happen

When I found out that my business could be part of the Select Employer Group (SEG) Program at Kauai Government Employees FCU, I signed up. Becoming a member has been the best experience I ever had with a financial institution. Every time I walk into the credit union, Im greeted with a smile and called by my first name, which makes me feel right at home. I was already looking for answers in trying to clean up my credit and I was surprised when I learned about KGEFCUs Credit Builder Loan program. Not only did they provide me information to help me build my credit score, they gave me a loan to pay off my debts. Now I have only one payment to make each month and am on my way to cleaning up my credit! Thank you very much KGEFCU for giving me a chance. Im a member for life!!
Brian Fitchett, Garden Island Flying Club LLC

We needed a small business loan to help grow our business when an opportunity for a new location opened up for us on the South Shore. After talking with a few banks, we decided to give Tom Vallatini at KGEFCU a call. The process was very low-key and simple. Tom helped us to get the money we needed at a comfortable pay-back time frame and we waited less than one week for the funds. I have already recommended Kaua`i Government Employees FCU to others and will continue to do business with them in the future. Thank you for not treating your members like a credit bureau print-out and for continuing to invest in relationships over numbers.
Tiffany Grande and Androcles Handy of Grandes Gems and Mens Hardwear.

I would like to take this time to praise the employees at Kaua`i Government Employees FCU. Whitney Miguel is always willing to go the extra mile for the members. I will forever remember her willingness to help me during my time of need. It takes a very special person to dedicate every spare minute to lend a helping hand. Lynn Constantino and Tom Vallatini are remarkable loan officers. With the help of Whitney, I was directed to consult with both of them for help and information. They provided me knowledge that has helped me understand how credit works. Just recently I was very ill and unable to work for a week. I was unable to make my car payment. To my relief, they expressed concern and sensitivity that made applying for a loan a lot easier.

I just want everyone to know that I am appreciative of what the staff has done. I now have peace of mind knowing I am a member of such an outstanding credit union and Im sure other members feel the same! Thank you.
Whitney Yadao

I found every member of the staff at KGEFCU extremely helpful, friendly and attentive. My loan was handled in a casual yet efficient manner and I was pleasantly surprised to walk out of their office with a check in a matter of minutes!

"This exactly mirrors my experience with the credit union and I am pleased that it was suggested I stop in for a loan."
John Wada, FM97 Radio

Id like to say thank you to Tom Vallatini for helping us in our time of need. As a government employee, I had my hours cut because of furloughs. We desperately needed help with our mortgage. After paying over $7,000 to a mortgage modification company, things were not getting any better, they were getting worse. Thats when we decided to call the Better Business Bureau, only to find out we were involved in a SCAM. My wife and I didnt know what to do. They were supposed to help us. This is when I met with Tom Vallatini. I explained our situation and for the first time, I felt like someone really cared about us and was willing to listen. He also gave me some good advice. Before this, happened, my credit score was over 700 and now its in the low 500s. Without Tom and KGEFCUs help, we would probably be facing foreclosure today. My wife and I are so grateful to KGEFCU for giving us a chance; they helped us improve our credit score and saved our home.
Randolph Silva

I have been a member of the credit union for ten years. I continue to bank exclusively at KGEFCU because the services are awesome and the staff is always so caring and ready to help. The tellers are very friendly and they go out of their way to provide me with information or services (such as checking on my account, stop checks or CU checks). I also appreciate my loan officer, Jake Gandeza very much. Jake is always available to kokua, whether through small loans or to advise me on how to better manage my financial portfolio, as well as to significantly reduce my debt. Not only did his plan remove the stress that came with my unexpected life change, but actually improved my overall financial portfolio. Mahalo nui loa for being an outstanding credit union. I am a proud member of Kaua`i Government Employees FCU!
Lea Kaiaokamalie

When we heard of the services that KGEFCU was offering the businesses of Kauai, we had to come see for ourselves and were so happy to have joined your SEG (Select Employer Group) program. You offered friendly, fast services and the best rates in town!

We just wanted to let the staff at KGEFCU know how much we truly appreciate your attention to servicing our needs as a small business and opening the doors to our employees. You are truly the Best Community oriented Credit Union on Kaua`i.

Sandy & Joed McCluskey, JM Pacific Construction

"The following statements reflect how I see and know of Kauai Government Employees Federal Credit Union. Its great to walk into the credit union and be greeted with a friendly smile. You feel like family or an old friend. The Tellers have great personalities and you can see that they are sincere in helping each member. Its a place that offers a variety of financial services with good rates. The credit union has services for any ages. My daughter received a student scholarship in 2007. I know the credit union is a safe place to discuss your personal financial needs, especially during these economic times. They are willing to assist each member with their individual needs. All my family and employees have accounts at the Kauai Government Employees Federal Credit Union."

Dennis L. Rego

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